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The Small Step Journey

The Small Step Journey - Chris Parsons

By: Chris Parsons
ISBN-10: 1508466343
ISBN-13: 9781508466345
Publisher: Shadoe Publishing
Language: English
Format: Paperback & e-Book

Poetry, one either loves it or despises it. I am one of the haters. Never mind regular poetry that speaks about a place or a concept, but hand me some love poetry and I immediately start to roll my eyes, groan, and go into pre-vomit stages developing hives that puts me off anything remotely sentimental for weeks on end – more so than under normal circumstances. People around the world regularly dive into said drivel, even write it. I am aware that the world pivots on love, that love supposedly conquers everything (who needs food or a job when you have love, right?), that romance and its accompanying poetry is what people hope and wish for in their overcast gloom of everyday life. Just not me. I am forever doomed to live in a love-gazing-world.

Trying to read and review outside my comfort zone requires climbing on tree branches that grow into different directions. This time it was Poetry. I am a glutton for punishment, what can I say. It is a branch that is very new and still relatively thin on my reading tree. The Small Step Journey captures moments along the path of life. Some is love poetry, and thankfully, some of it is not. I particularly like the notes at the end of select poems where the Author explains why a poem was created. It helped my understanding of the Author’s mind-set and it has, without meaning to, tentatively warmed me to the genre.

The Small Step Journey speaks of an inner path, successfully captured in words. It spans love in its myriad of forms, it tries to capture cancer and the aftermaths, and numerous other topics such as wars, or rather, the history of it eons later. It is the first published book by this Author and deserves a decent review.  It is a good book.